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VERN™ is the Virtual Emotion Resource Network

We are a dedicated network of  conversational AI professionals, software developers, communications and content analysis researchers, mental health professionals and medical professionals.

The Technology


VERN™ is developed to detect human emotions in communications. It predicts the user’s intent on a scale of 0-100%. This scale represents intensity of the emotion present. VERN™ is a patented system that detects latent emotional clues at the lexical level, and corpus level.

You can connect and use the API service or find VERN™ in your favorite AI Marketplace.


VERN™ provides a REST API to perform live analysis of a body of text. The results are returned in a JSON style format. An active API key is required to make a request and is available in the Dashboard.


VERN™ is available via marketplaces, and can be directly integrated into your ML Ops project or used as a stand-alone on your server. The packages vary depending on marketplace. For more details, please see our On-Premises solutions page for the latest in marketplace offerings.

The Concept


VERN™ detects distinct emotional signals from communications at the lexical level. We conceptualize emotions as being a mix of Euphoria, Dysphoria, and Fear. Our emotions model prediction error indicators and are described in brief below.


VERN™ provides analysis of Anger. This is conceptualized as  communicating the recognition of a malignant incongruity. In layman’s terms, it would be recognition that something was not “fair” or would harm the sender of the message in some way.


VERN™ provides analysis of sadness. This is conceptualized as the acceptance of a malignant incongruity. In layman’s terms, it’s the communication of dread and resignation.

Love & Affection

VERN™ provides analysis of Love & Affection. Unlike other Dysphoric emotions Love & Affection is the absence of an incongruity. In layman’s terms, this means that the sender’s goals align and they’re communicating this. It could be considered joy, grace, and virtuous. 


VERN™ provides analysis of Fear signals. Fear is an interesting neuroscientific phenomena, that we’re excited about (really). While there is no current method to actually measure fear, VERN™ measures the sender’s fear response. Individuals communicate their fear, and that’s how all systems detect fear signals.


VERN™ provides analysis Humor. It’s conceptualized as the detection of a benign incongruity. In layman’s terms, it’s whatever doesn’t kill you makes you laugh.” The model incorporates the Incongruity Theory of Humor; with the Relief and Superiority Theories being a different types of incongruity. Currently, the team is undergoing experimentation with Humor so the analysis won’t be provided in this version of VERN™ AI. We will have more to come soon!

The Application

Human Emotion Detection

VERN™ provides analysis of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Love & Affection and Humor. We have found that VERN™ is successful in chatbots and virtual assistants, as a method of analysis for mental health applications, in analyzing internal and external communications (including human resources, marketing, social media and public relations).

VERN™ can be used in many ways and some of these can be found on the Use Case section of this website.

We can help!

If you would like to learn how VERN™ staff can assist in planning and executing your chatbot, virtual assistant and can recommend providers of voice to text and other AI/ML, or NLP/NLU tools to complete your VERN™ powered application. Click here to learn more!

Meet the team

Dedicated staff of professionals


Craig Tucker


Craig Tucker is the creator of VERN™ and a co-founder.


Bryan Novak


Bryan is the CTO of VERN™ and a co-founder.


Edward Christensen


Edward is the Counsel for VERN, LLC and is also a co-founder.


Brendan Watson

Research Director

Dr. Watson is head of research for VERN™


Dennis Walters, II

VP-Information Architecture

Dennis is VERN™'s development guru & chief of its technical operation.


Steve Ardire

Strategic Advisor

Steve is a Strategic Advisor


Dr. Faisal Shaikh


Dr. Shaikh is a technical advisor and partner, founder of My Babble Chat


Perhaps You?

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