Developer Guide

Just about everything you need to get the most of VERN™ (You will need to register to try VERN™).


In this section you will find technical information on VERN™ documented including implementation and interpretation guides.  This will give you practical code snippets, implementation tips, and a brief guide to the results. 

Developer's Blog

Developer blog without the fluff from the marketing. Real nerdy stuff. Just the way you like it.

Case Studies

Need some inspiration? We have an entire section of our website that illustrates ways VERN™ can be used.

Model Description & Governance

Model governance documentation provided by Gravity-AI via Digital Dynamics

Articles in Support

While VERN™ AI is proprietary, we have provided a section in which you can read the research that VERN™ AI is based upon.

Video Playlist
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Process of registering for VERN™
Process of registering for VERN™
How to navigate VERN's dashboard
How to navigate VERN's dashboard
VERN in chatbot example
VERN in chatbot example