Supporting Documentation


VERN™ AI provides documentation on the science behind our technologies to help developers understand the efficacy, the value, and the abilities and limitations of the use of VERN™ AI for your applications.

At anytime, if you’d like to book a time to talk with the implementation team; we can help your team get started here with a quick Zoom meeting. At VERN™ AI we understand you have a lot to think about so we try to make it as easy as possible for you and your organization.


Articles in Support of Methodology and Applications


Academic studies in emotion analysis, sentiment analysis, vocal biomarker analysis, use in treatments, and more. Opinions from industry leaders and analysts. Additionally, documentation on the core technology and partner technologies are available below.



Core Technology and Partner Documentation


VERN™ AI core technology and partner technologies are available below.


  • Model Description of  VERN AI by Digital Dynamics
  • Developer’s guide for implementing VERN AI API   including sample JSON response, how to understand the results, and side-by-side comparisons with popular emotion databases. 
  • Decision making with VERN AI to help guide your implementation and how to use VERN AI to assist your AI and systems to process emotional communication.
  • Tech blog for VERN AI which has information on updates and changes to the software.