Don’t FEAR the VERN (new fear response detector launched)

The only thing we have to fear…is fear itself.

Those words spoken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt ring throughout time. Fear is a real thing, it influences human thought and emotional reactions, feelings, and subsequently communication. It’s essential to learning, to survival, and to our own relationships with each other and with the world around us. Fear is salient. It’s likely the “first” emotion. And now:

VERN AI has launched a detector of Fear responses in communication.

So that means that now in addition to “Sadness,” “Anger,” “Love & Affection,” and “Humor” VERN AI detects fear responses. VERN AI now covers the neurologically detectable conditions-Euphoria, Dyshporia and Fear with the emotions we’ve been able to (re)discover with the VERN methodology.

Available via our REST API, VERN can give you real-time analysis in just about any Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) scenario.


Here’s a sample:

Oh my god that thing is coming right for me!

(66% Fear, 66% Anger, no other emotions report).

Try it for yourself, and discover why other technological pioneers are trusting VERN AI to provide emotional analysis in their communications.