The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Emotion – Perspectives from the US and Japan

Recently VERN’s CEO Craig Tucker participated in a round-table discussion of emotions, AI, and the future of artificial intelligence, each from a US and Japanese perspective. Sponsored by CIC‘s Japan Desk and The Sentience Institute, VERN was joined by Hazumu Yamazaki from Webempath and Shoko Suzuki from the University of Riken.

Current AI innovation advances and shapes many aspects of daily life from answering customer service inquiries to diagnosing medical conditions. Companies are pursuing AI development but concerns remain around the ethics of AI in current applications and how to reach a global consensus about ethical practices that may last into the far future.

Questions we covered in the video:

  • What are the long term impacts of AI applications on the world?
  • How do humans treat AIs with emotional capacities?
  • How can teams from around the world collaborate to ensure the ethical and beneficial treatment of humans and AIs?

Please view our panel discussion as we explore these questions about the future of AI in the US and Japan.


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